Casting Production Manager (Overall Head of Department)

Location: Johor
  • Expected Salary (RM):
  • 6000-10000
  • Company Name:
  • Gelang Patah
  • Job Description

Job Details / Description:

*The Die Cast Production Manager is responsible for general management/supervision of all phases of the Die Cast department including daily production, scheduling, training, and quality control. Works closely with the Die Cast leads to increase productivity and efficiency. This person must have at least 5+ years of experience in management and manufacturing production. Responsibilities include but are not limited to setting quality standards, ensuring standards are met, training and communicating policies and procedures, auditing and analyzing processes, measuring production, and reporting results. Develops and maintains strong working relationships by working closely with employees, supervisors and other departments.


Duties and Responsibilities:

*Answering to the casting department profit and loss

*Production COP and quality/cost/delivery

*Monthly performance in SOT (shipment on time)

*Know, comprehend, and support the deployment of company policies and Procedures.

*Provides leadership for successful day-to-day production.

*Schedules and reviews production schedules.

*Coordinates and updates production status with other departments.

*Maintains a safe and clean work environment in compliance with safety standards.

*Provides coaching and guidance to Die Cast employees.

*Maintains training and support for machine operators and drillers/grinders.

*Analyzes workforce requirements.

*Demonstrates strong managerial/leadership skills.

*Operates machinery efficiently and effectively to make good parts.

*Control of the raw material, sub material, machinery and other purchase

*Handling of Sub Con transaction and activity



*Computer skills including the ability to prepare spreadsheets and use Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel) to analyze data and trends.

*Experience in the use of ERP systems preferred.

*Strong communicator; ability to interact with upper management.

*Excellent planning and organizational skills.

*Ability to work in a fast paced, flexible environment.


Internal Ramrks:

Company Background : specializing in contract manufacturing, provide services for Aluminium Die Casting, Precision Machining, Surface Treatment/Finishes like Buffing, Tumbling, Shot Blasting, ED-coating, Anodizing, Laser Marking etc.

1. Male 28 - 40 years old

2. Minimum Degree holder

3 Al least 5 years experience in die cast industry

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